About Us

Our prime aim is to establish long-term professional relations based on transparency and reliability.

Behind all our activities there is trust: the trust our customers have in our ability to meet their specific needs in terms of both quality standards and agreed delivery terms.
Our team of highly skilled professionals provides all the flexibility required to develop and design air, water and gas high pressur compressors and generation systems. Commitment towards understanding the needs of our customers drives us to constantly look for the best possible solution for each specific gas application and operating condition.
But our advice is not restricted to our products alone. Wherever possible, we also suggest improvements regarding the use of the produced gas in order to allow our customers to increase efficiency and to reduce costs


About Us


High Pressure Compressors

we supply and support all kind of high pressure compressors, our company is specialized in design the best installation for your business to fit all your needs.


PSA Oxygen / PSA Nitrogen Generators

we have all suitable PSA nitrogen generator for any kind of application and any flow demand.all our PSA Generators will be dimensioned to the toughest local ambient conditions at the installation site in order to guarantee the supply of the requested nitrogen quantity by the customer even under these extreme circumstances.


Services & After Sale Support

We put much value on customer satisfaction also after the acquisition of your nitrogen or oxygen generator. We guarantee local technical support through qualified partners in your area or our technicians will travel directly to any installation location all over the world to ensure a correct plant installation, for commissioning and start-up and for training of your personnel.We can also provide programmed maintenance packages, complete with services and spare parts.

Our Recent Work

Our business cannot exist without customers. Therefore, we consider customer service of vital importance. It is our company philosophy to form a close working relationship with our customers to make sure that either the offered instrument air or gas generation system or the proposed service is as close to their requirements as possible.


Full System Installtion

Turn-key installations of standard OXYSWING® PSA oxygen/nitrogen generators, either on a single skid or inside an ISO freight container. Special oxygen/nitrogen gas generating systems for high pressure oxygen/nitrogen cylinder filling. Specially designed and custom-engineered PSA oxygen/nitrogen packages.


Onsite Installations

we pecializes in the design and installation of onsite systems, along with a full suite of earth works services. Core competencies revolve around the development of building sites; from excavation for services, supply and placement.



Receiving, surface preparation, testing, assembly, documentation, inspection and packaging are built into the total processing timeframe. In some cases, this could mean same day delivery—while in other cases, several days. In either situation, International air system Services will work with you to ensure your satisfaction..